HOW MUCH MONEY DOES A PENETRATION TEST COST? – The value of a professional penetration test depends on many variables. First, we would like to mention that companies should beware of penetration testing service providers who offer a fixed price for this service. It is important to note that the hours involved in running a penetration test on ten ports are many more than the hours involved in a penetration test on a single port; therefore, the price of a PROFESSIONAL penetration test is always variable and will depend on the scope of the test. The final value of a penetration test is determined by:

1. Complexity: The complexity of a penetration test is determined by the environment and the devices to be evaluated in your business technology network. A more complex environment requires more work to run the assessment process.

2. Methodology: Many companies that offer penetration testing use different types of tools and methodologies. The value of these tools has a high influence on the final price of the budget. It is important to mention that RedDefense Global does not charge the customer the cost of the tools to be used. Our work is based on a proven methodology and not on automated tools.

3. Experience: Experience has a cost. Beware of companies that offer penetration testing for a very low price. Perhaps you will end up receiving a final report that is an exact copy of the results provided by freeware software. We always suggest that companies look for penetration testing providers that have certified operators. We invite you to review our active certifications at:

4. Place of Execution of the Evaluation: Many of the penetration tests do not require an operator working from the client’s company; therefore, there are no extra expenses related to airline tickets or hotel stays. Other penetration tests that involve Wi-Fi networks or internal networks require executing the penetration test at the customer’s site, which would imply an increase in the final value due to expenses related to mobilization and stay.

5. Remediation: Some penetration testing providers include assistance in remediating found vulnerabilities. It is possible that this service that should ALWAYS be included has an impact on the final value of the penetration test. RedDefense Global considers that suggestions for remediation and a reevaluation should be included in the final price and we do not generate an extra charge for these services.


Due to our experience, we realized three things:

1. Charging an hourly rate hurts the customer: Penetration tests require considerable execution time. It takes much less time to exploit a documented vulnerability than an undocumented vulnerability; therefore, in RedDefense Global consider that our clients should not pay an extra charge for the work that we must do.

2. Charging a fixed price is counterproductive and does not allow the customer to obtain the best results: As we already explained, a penetration test to one IP address involves far fewer man-hours than a penetration test to ten IP addresses. Why should you pay ten times more to scan a single IP address?

3. An exorbitant price is not part of the RedDefense Global service policy: At RedDefense Global believe that our services should be priced fairly. We want all our clients to benefit from our procedures and professionalism; In this way, the security of your technological networks will be increased, and your company will be much more protected against computer attacks.

So how do we generate budgets for our clients?

In RedDefense Global, our prices are based on something we call “Time * Documentation.” When you contact us to request a service proposal, we determine the full scope of the penetration test, which includes, the IP addresses, the ports, and the services to be analyzed. Our experience allows us to determine the ports and services on each IP address that will take the least time in the analysis process based on our experience and documentation. In this way, our clients will benefit in the final cost of our service and our results.